Growth Action Plan

21 Days to Nail Marketing & Sales

One-on-one Zoom Marketing Advice, Strategy and Planning For Business Owners, Medical Practitioners, Entrepreneurs, Sales and Marketing Managers

Start planning now and build an effective lead generation strategy that will ensure that you attract the right type of leads and close sales. 

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What is Growth Action Plan

Many business owners struggle to manage their marketing and sales process and outsourcing tends to be a nightmare. Without a dedicated marketing professional in-house, marketing becomes guesswork and results are less than desirable.

Marketing must produce leads and leads must be converted into clients, it’s as simple as that, but overwhelm sets in and takes its toll on the business.

I know what it is like, I have been there too. 

I developed Growth Action Plan for 2 simple yet important reasons:

1 – To help business owners take control of their marketing and sales and build predictable income month after month.

2 – To reduce the cost of expensive marketing consulting and to rather invest time and energy into your marketing knowledge so that you know how to get the results you want. 

Growth Action Plan is a one-on-one Zoom workshop that has been designed to deliver marketing and sales strategies that are practical and easy to implement.

We have found that business owners and marketers are struggling to generate a constant flow of leads that are ready, willing and able to do business. 

Generating leads is one thing but generating the right lead is a “science” in itself and this is why we simplify the process of marketing and lead generation. Nothing is more important than delivering fresh highly-qualified leads to your business.

Growth Action Plan is for business owners, medical practitioners, entrepreneurs, sales and marketing managers who want to grow their business, generate leads and close more sales.

Growth Action Plan is structured to deliver marketing, sales and business growth clarity.  A clear path mapped out for your business so that you become very sure of the direction you need to take to turn your advertising, promotion and marketing activity into a profit centre.

This is what we cover in our sessions:

  1. Discover why you feel let down by your marketing and how to choose the right type of marketing that will actually work for your business.
  2. Become specific about your marketing by developing your Marketing Purpose Statement (It’s far from what you think it is) 
  3. 8 Marketing Objective and which are important to your business.
  4. The Client Educational Spectrum – That will help you generate the right type of leads.(clients that are ready willing and able to pay what you are worth and pay on time)
  5. The Sales Psychology will help you close the right type of clients and generate profitable deals. 
  6. How to dominate your market so you don’t need to compete.
  7. The world renowned Rapid Planning Method for fast implementation and lead generation
  8. Outsourcing vs Insourcing

Fill in the blanks Worksheets on each topic

At the end of the 3 week sessions, you will be equipped with the following:

  • Marketing tactics that will work for your business
  • A Marketing Calendar that will layout your monthly marketing campaigns 
  • New skills and know how
  • A sales strategy that will accelerate your prospecting

Growth Action Plan is a weekly individual 1-2 hour Zoom workshop that runs over 21 days. (1 session per week for 3 weeks) During our workshop sessions we will unpack marketing strategies and sales tactics related directly to your business. 

Once you are comfortable with the concepts, direction and plans you can implement them into your business right away.  

Knowing the current difficulties we are all facing we have discounted your investment upfront.
The investment in your business marketing is as follows:

Duration: 1 Session per week for 3 weeks
Fee: R12 000 exvat
Discount: 30% (R3 600)
Total Amount Payable: R8 400 exvat

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